Welcome to “Incarnations”

Incarnations is a 4e campaign using pre-Essentials rules. This game is set in the Eberron world setting, mostly on a single continent, Khorvaire. Unlike many campaigns which stick to a single continuous timeline, characters will be playing in scenes that are millenia apart, sometimes in the (relative) past and sometimes in the (relative) future. Your physical bodies will change with the timeframe, but characters retain the same memories and personalities.

This campaign is being run over the space of a year with an accelerated advancement schedule; roughly three weeks between increases in level and with two levels per advancement. I expect that a rough outline of the campaign will unfold as follows:

  • At heroic level, your characters will be concerned with what forces are brought them suddenly into the world at a specific time and place.
  • At paragon level, you will be drawn backwards in time, through many lives and experiencing many key events that shaped the present.
  • At epic, you will travel the winds of time preparing for a final showdown with the forces that have been manipulating your many lives.

    Please refer to the wiki for helpful information that will be expanded as the story unfolds.

  • Incarnations of Mortality