House rules

House rules

Mounted combat

  Mounts get a move action of their own that they can spend (or their rider can spend with mounted combat feat).  Mounted combat also allows gives rider access to trained minor actions, otherwise these are default actions that occur only on training triggers as a substitution of the move action.

Roleplaying feats

  Extra roleplaying feats available at level 1, 5, 9, 11, 15 etc.  These are intended to help to shape your character’s personality.  Choose feats that affect skill bonuses, grant additional abilities (including multiclassing) and do not provide modifiers to attack, damage or defenses.

Campaign feats

-  Players get a free group synergy (tribal) feat at level 3, 13, 23. (must be the same feat for all players)
-  Mark feats as written are not available to players, but at paragon there custom marks will be available.
- No essentials feats

Character creation

- backgrounds should be consistent with your disadvantage (e.g. Death wish and 4 failed death saves)

You pick your race as a racial personality… it need not necessarily be the same as your current skin (your physical appearance).  Your racial benefits will always be those of your racial personality, and not your skin race.  In the case of racial encounter powers, these will be modified as necessary to create a flavor that is consistent with the context of your skin race.  Racial feats are also keyed on your racial personality.  Your personality and race will stay the same over the breadth of the campaign.


To give each player character a distinct flavor, I am asking each of you to pick one of the following “disadvantages” from a list.  Each player must select a different disadvantage.  (I am willing to entertain suggestions not on the list – however it should be something that is individually inconvenient rather than something that creates impediments to cooperative play). The disadvantage must also be something that create genuine difficultiese for the character fairly frequently.

- Compulsive behavior (carousing,gambling, generosity,spending)
- Berserk (loose control if you take more than surge damage in one hit)
- Cannot learn languages & Illiterate
- Code of honor
- Clueless/no personality
- Dependency
- Hard of hearing
- Hunchback / lameness
- Increased food requirement
- Insomniac
- Low pain threshold
- One hand
- Pacifist
- Stuttering
- Unlucky
- Weirdness magnet

In conjunction with this disadvantage, I encourage you to come up with an  aspect of your personality that might compensate for the disadvantage.  Choose your background benefits accordingly.

House rules

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